investing fundamental #3 – The Leaky Bucket

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About retirebyforty

I am chronicling my quest to retire from the corporate world by the time I am 40.
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3 Responses to investing fundamental #3 – The Leaky Bucket

  1. aloysa says:

    I created a budget spreadsheet years ago when I realized that I do not know where our $ are going. It was the best thing that happened. Budgets are everything!

    • I think everyone has that problem of not knowing where $ are going. Credit card actually help track spending, but then we spend more money. So now we give ourselves $100 cash allowance each week and use the credit card for only a few things. Seems to be working ok for now.

  2. I am not that great with spreadsheets, but I love plain old pencil and paper… and an eraser. Always modifying and changing it.

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