Nobel prize – what would you do?

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About retirebyforty

I am chronicling my quest to retire from the corporate world by the time I am 40.
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2 Responses to Nobel prize – what would you do?

  1. Jon says:

    An as your friend, I’d slap you around for quitting your cubicle job with just $550K and no knowledge of making money with money. However, I believe your problem is set up incorrectly. If you won the Nobel Prize, the net $550K is insignificant compared to book deals, lectures, etc. For that, I would say quit your day job and reinvent yourself as the next Al Gore. He’s a billionaire now by the way.

    But if you won the lottery and netted $550K, then it would be extremely stupid for you to quit your day job. Instead of retiring by 40, you’ll probably be broke by 40 and too unskilled to return to the work force, and have to live off social security until you are 50, because that’s when social security will be bankrupted. You will wish that you kept your day job, learn how to make money work for you instead of you working for money. Then you are qualified to quit your day job and retire 🙂

    • I limited the scope to the money for simplicity sake. I would work to make the world a better place if I have more influence and make a little money along the way of course.
      If I have an additional $550k, then that would give me a big enough push to meet the criteria that I set. I’ll write more about the criteria in a later post. If I was 25 with no saving and minimal investment knowledge, then I agree that it would be a stupid thing to quit working. However, I’m a bit older and wiser and pretty close to my goal. I am not counting on social security.
      When I quit my corporate job, it will be a new beginning and the faster I do that the faster I can get started. I doubt I will miss my day job, maybe the paycheck though. 🙂

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