investing fundamental #2 – credit card debt

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I am chronicling my quest to retire from the corporate world by the time I am 40.
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4 Responses to investing fundamental #2 – credit card debt

  1. I had my credit card debt under control, but my business had to close and income took a crazy hit. Still working out from under the rubble, but getting it going. It is my desire to eliminate my credit card debt as soon as possible. I have been under it far to long….well, I will say consumer debt all together. Got a furniture loan and appliances.

    Thanks for the push!!

  2. Good luck with the credit card debt. The big problem with credit card debt is the high interest rate that the bank can jack up anytime they want to. At least a car loan interest rate stays the same. There are always bumps in the road, but you just have to keep going.
    I subscribed to your blog, I would love to learn more about real estate investing!

  3. I have credit card debt, but am working to get through it. I would like to eliminate All debt withing the next two years and then get started on the mortgage. And yes, you are right, I should cancel my cable. …… Yep…. I should…. hmmm.

    • Good luck with your debt. There are many sites to help you deal with it.
      Yes, try canceling cable for 3 months and I bet you won’t renew. You can catch a tons of shows on the internet these days.

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